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"Transformation takes place when you can truly be grateful for the gift that is you." - April Clark

"Gratitude in advance is the most powerful creative force in the universe." - Neale Donald Walsh

"Gratitude & Abundance!" - By Aine Belton

“Gratitude is a powerful tool. If you will allow yourself to feel
grateful, your processing and programming can work immeasurably
better… As you feel grateful for what you have, you start having
more things about which to feel that gratitude.” - Lazaris

"Certain states of consciousness hold a resonance field that accelerates
the manifestation of your desires." 

"Gratitude is certainly one of them!
Gratitude is a generating energy that will serve to attract more of
anything you feel grateful for into your life."  

"In that sense it is a powerful abundance ally!"  

"Gratitude aligns you to, and subsequently attracts, that which is for
your highest good, and opens you to more of the love, joy, gifts and
blessings the universe wishes to bestow."  

"Along with appreciation, gratitude opens your heart, raises your
energy, and elevates you from even the darkest of states."  

"In feeling grateful for something or someone, you essentially
‘receive’ it, as well as give to it from your heart, which effectively
aligns your vibration to it, and directs your focus, attention and
energy towards it, attuning your heart and mind to that which is

"Whatever you focus on grows, so when you appreciate someone, see their
value and beauty and feel grateful for it, those qualities will expand
and grow in your life."  

"When you focus on everything in your life you have to feel grateful
for, and all the wonderful things, experiences and people you
appreciate, the universe hands you more of the same!"  

"It’s a wonderful abundance expanding experience! "  

"Gratitude is the sweet song of appreciation. It turns an experience,
person or event into a gift that is received, for when you appreciate
and feel grateful, you literally let the experience/quality in, and
you also give to it. It is a wonderful exchange of positive energies."   

"When you feel grateful you experience more of your love, which enhances
your state in a beautiful magical way."  

"You also get to experience all the beautiful qualities of that which

you feel grateful for all over again!"   

"Keep a gratitude journal and write down at the end of each day
10 things you feel grateful for over the last 24 hours to assist you in
experiencing more of this wondrous, generative, heart-opening energy."   

"When you do so, be sure to connect to the heart-felt feelings of
gratitude, i.e. don’t just make it a mental box-ticking process – really engage your emotions."   

"Add to that list a few things you are grateful to YOURSELF for,
positive qualities, actions, traits and demeanours, how you’ve
handled your day or any situations, how you’ve taken care of yourself
or been kind to others, etc."   

"And lastly, be grateful to the FUTURE you’re creating. You are a
powerful manifesting being and when you begin to feel grateful for
the dreams you are creating and person you are becoming, you begin
to attract them more powerfully into your life, for you give the
message to your subconscious mind they have already manifested." 

Your testimonials mean the world to me.

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Hey April, I've done your pilates/yoga classes-love them
Hi April! The Fitness Fairy rocks!!
April!! You are the best!! I love your classes!
Yoga kicked my booty last night! Literally. Sore glutes this morning. I feel myself getting stronger and more flexible. See the change in the shape of my body. Thank you Fitness Fairy! However, no matter how much yoga I do, I still have a very hard time with down dog scorpion! The hip of my standing leg always cramps up and and I just can't hold that pose for very long without it hurting or feeling exhausted.
Completely in love with your Tuesday class!! I am a hot sweaty mess after and I love it!
Yet another great Pilates class this afternoon! Thank you! Had me huffin' and puffin'! ::sigh:: my core is so tragic lol
April thanks for a fantastic pilates class yesterday!!! great core workout! It is such a delight working out with you...keep up the good work.
I´ll definitely take that class again :-)
Great class last Friday. Thanks for the extra help!
April's Kickboxing work out is something serious! One hour that really kick your buttocks! My calfs are still sore lol
I love your Pilates class!! Thank you!
Such an awesome and motivating Pilates class tonight thanks!!!
Confession- I have a girl crush on you! haha! naw but for reals I love your yoga class, your energy and sweet spirit. You are an inspiration to me and probably everyone you cross paths with! Keep up the good work April ♥
Thanks for the awesome yoga class!
Such a pleasure to meet you today! I hope our paths will cross again soon :)
Excellent class, April. For a rookie like me...that class kicks my a$%%.
Love your classes! I'm sore from bootcamp. Thank you!
Just did a session with April Clark! She is an asskicker! But I love her!
Thanks for all the shoulder emphasis tonight! You're the best! :)
Totally killed me. Great instructor and a class worth taking. #TeamFitnessFairy
You are one of the BEST yoga instructors in Los Angeles. Thank you for being so knowledgeable, thorough, joyful -- making class unique each time -- keeping us healthy, strong, balanced, limber and less stressed :-) We are blessed to have you ;-)


Last nights class was great! I'm digging the flow that we are working towards. Thank you :) my body and mind are always in such a good place when I finish your class
Thanks for a great workout tonight at boot camp class!
Hi April. I took your kickboxing cardio class for the first time today, and had so much fun! I really love your athleticism and enthusiasm. I will definitely be back!
Attended your class last night. It was great.
Great kickboxing class tonight! Wish you taught more of those :)
You rock! I had an amazing Cardio Kickboxing workout Tuesday night. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make class tonight as I am going to be out of town. I must admit, you and your class played a major role in assisting me to lose 18lbs since SuperBowl Sunday. Your class motivates me to continue my hard work. Thank you, and see you next Tuesday :D Cheers!
The Fitness Fairy, April Clark thank you for changing everything!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Somehow a spell was cast upon me by the Fitness Fairy. Thanks for the yoga, April...after three classes, I feel looser in the hips already...you rock!
Having NOT taken April's class in almost 2 years, I had forgotten what a spirit of light she is and how wonderful the body can feel after just one 60 minute session. Thank You Young Lady.
April was fantastic again at todays class. She swiched things up a bit to keep it fresh and what a fanastic workout.
Had the best yoga class with the Fitness Fairy yesterday! Thank you. Feel good! Namaste.
Great class as always, thank you! Have a wonderful week*
Hey April, I've done your pilates/yoga classes-love them.
Great class today! Thank you so much for continuing to be an inspiration :)