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KickFit : Cardio, Core , Strength, compound movements to upbeat music very Yang

Spinning AKA. Cycle: Cardio mega sweat & burn up to a 1000 calories in 1hr hour very Yang




Pixie Pilates: Pre-pilates, beginners, rediscover your body slow & steady. Flexibility breath, stretch. Heighten listening required very Yin

Yoga: Levels 1-2, 2-3 Yang & Yin styles Mix Fusion Flow

AquaFit: Cross train & circuit train in the pool with or without hand weights & or other floating devices Yang & Yin styles

BodyBlast: High Energy High reps a total body workout using small hand held weights & or using body weight with CORE focus very yang




CrossCircuit: Interval & circuit training 1:1, 2:1, 2:4 frequently changing exercises for a total body challenge




Personal Training

Private: One one one

Couples/ Buddies two on one

Small Groups: 3-5 on one



Outdoor BootCamp

3-4 parks around town

Locations soon....


Thai Yoga Stretch

Bodywork with Amega Energy Wand



No retreats at this time



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