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★ Crystal Healing

Agate - Grounding stone that helps with balance, strength, and coherent thinking.

- Protective stone that filters, dispels negativity, and brings peace.

- Formed from prehistoric tree resin, Amber energizes and promotes growth.

- High vibration stone that supports balance, protects, soothes, and helps overcome negativity and addictions as it aligns energies to higher consciousness.

- Conglomerate of Amethyst and Citrine promoting a connection to higher consciousness revealing your truest self.

- Peaceful stone of the ‘new age’ that bridges community to higher consciousness and the etheric realm.  Useful for weight control and inflammation.

- Lively harmonious stone increasing motivation. Apatite suppresses hunger, encourages communication and gently lifts the metabolism.

Apophyllite - Powerful vibrational transmitter that connects the physical and spirit realms. Assists in Reiki healing, and facilitates a relaxed state.

- Protective, courageous stone that calms and allows self-expression.

- Grounding, optimistic stone that encourages action and helps to direct you toward the goal.

Azeztulite - Light-bearing crystal that aids in expanding consciousness. Helpful in banishing immune deficiencies, cancer, and cellular renewal.

Beryl - Passion stone that balances the will and spirit to help align your destiny.

- Strengthens and builds blood while cleansing the immune system.

- Revitalizes and repairs blockages as it removes toxins from the body.

- Courageous, energizing stone that grounds you in the here and now.

- A new age stone promoting creativity, unity and good will.

Chiastolite -  An ancient Protective Stone used for warding off harm, curses and ill-wishes. Aids in resolving conflicts.

Chrysoprase - A calming stone encouraging hope and truth in all aspects of one’s life.

- An energizing “wealth” stone that provides vitality and abundance of spirit.

- A traditional symbol of marriage and prosperity, amplifying all emotions.

- Not an actual stone type but iridescent coating of microcrystalline facets found on the crust of quartz, and other crystals.

- Associated with fidelity and happy marriages, harmony, friendship and good will, emerald acts as wisdom stone to help overcome unlucky events.

- Used as an organizer, focuser, and general and specific pain reliever.

- Revitalizing stone that increases stamina, and gently shifts anger to passion.

- From iron ore, extremely beneficial to health and natural grounder, Hematite removes heat and helps to cool you down in unstable situations.

- Known as a “vision stone” Iolite opens up the pathways and helps prepare one for a deeper spiritual path while facilitating release of unwanted attachments.

- Soothing stone that encourages dreams and deters insomnia.

Idocrase - Releases fear, dissolves anger and opens the mind to positive, creative directions.

Iron Pyrite
- An excellent grounder, protector and diverter of hazardous pollutants infectious diseases and harmful energy.

- Happy, lucky stone in Eastern culture. Jade is regarded worldwide as a nurturing, protective stone, encouraging independence, harmony and trust.

- “Supreme nurturer” balancing the mineral content of the body. Aids in circulation, imparts strength of will, and helps invigorate sexual organs.

- Deepens meditative states to bring clarity and harmony to all.

- Grounding yet highly intuitive stone that helps raise consciousness and teaches how to live fearlessly, valuing imagination and inner vision.

Lapis Lazuli
- Wisdom stone that protects, guides and blocks negative energy.

Larimar - Helps us heal past mistakes and be present to life as it is.

- Used in physical therapy to alleviate aches and pains and can reverse symptoms by grounding and healing the body’s organs and muscle tissue.

- Powerful passion stone that protects and amplifies all emotions.

- Intuitive feminine stone that teaches us about timing, empathy and awareness.

-Transformational stone that centers and promotes empowerment.

- Strength giving stone that grounds, stabilizes and absorbs negativity.

- Seductive stone that brings fidelity, improves memory and strengthens the will to live. It is used to treat disease, revitalize, and ease childbirth.

Pedro du Sol
- Also known as Sunstone, a positive crystal that lifts the spirit and helps brighten perspective.

- Protective, cleansing stone that strengthens the metabolism, thymus, heart, skin and eyes. Peridot also helps to release jealousy, anger, phobias and old baggage.

Prasiolite - Grounds, protects and elevates our journey to higher consciousness.

Prehnite - Loving stone that nourishes those who do too much. Connected to the spirit realm and inner wisdom, Prehnite is helpful for letting go of unwanted things.

- Large colorful family (Rock, Rose, Lemon, Smoky etc) of "master healers". Excellent for all healing, meditation, increasing harmony and releasing negativity.

- Love stone healing the soul, past abuse, and brings understanding.

- Useful ‘first aid stone’ healing heartache, despair or emotional shock.

- Fosters passion for life, vitality and ‘following your bliss.’ Helps detox body.

- Aids in focus and balance, encourages creativity, releases depression.

Sodalite - Wisdom stone that helps access higher information and helps one stand up for their own personal truth.

Spinel - Crystal connected to energy renewal, positive attitude and humility.

Sugalite - Love stone and teacher of your true self. Excellent for cancer, pain relief.

Tektite -  
Meteorite believed to enhance communication and encourage spiritual growth and understanding. Moldavite is a green form.

Tiger’s Eye
- A protective stone that grounds and aids in understanding conflict.

- A joyful stone bringing good luck, good health and achievement of goals.

- A grounding stone to heal and assist in dissolving blocked emotions.

- Energizing stone that strengthens spirit, lifts exhaustion and depression.

- “Vision stone” promoting balance and insight to release past conditions.

Zoisite-  Positive stone that assists in transformation and self-expression. Tanzanite is a blue variety linking to higher consciousness.



Each variety and color has additional characteristics. For more information I recommend  The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall

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