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Living Fit




Working out can get boring when you get stuck in a routine that becomes... not so challenging and well... not so interesting. Our body gets used to the work load and we stop seeing the results which is the main reason people go to the gym. That can be frustrating and that is when the inevitable happens... dun dun dun, you fall off the wagon. Well, that doesn't mean that the world ended. It just makes you feel crappy when a week turns into ten months.

So here is the plan... keep things interesting! Workout with a buddy or hire a trainer to keep you moving forward. Try new class at the gym. When you have a good workout buddy (hard to find so hold on to them) or you have a great trainer (also hard find so hold on to them) you are less likely to fall off that wagon and waste all that time in the gym just to have to work really hard to get back to where you were.

Here is the other plan....

Change up your routine often and look for a new environment to add some spice back to your workout relationship. Working-out outside is a great way to get real sun light, which boost  your metabolism strengthens your bones and just makes you happy. Next thing you know you will be hugging the trees and naming the birds.... there is just something about getting fresh oxygen and Vitamin D that brings a smile to your face.

So look forward to The Fitness Fairy offering outdoor fitness, if you are interested in having me start a bootcamp in your area please contact me.

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Leave me a message with what park you have in mind and what time and I will build a great bootcamp that offers classes of your choosing.









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