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Sleep Naked

According to the most recent poll, only about 8% of Americans sleep naked. But experts say we should all do it more, and not just to boost our sex lives. Sleeping in the buff is not just for couples looking for action— there are also some serious skin and health benefits to shedding your PJs.

If you’re a sleepwalker, have houseguests, or have young kids that might visit you at night, then proceed with caution.



Sleep Naked For Better Skin
Freeing your skin from clothing lets it breathe, so shed your PJs to boost circulation and help your skin regenerate. USC dermatology professor Alex Khadavi, M.D. says: “skin cell regeneration almost doubles at night… production of collagen is boosted and harmful free radicals are destroyed.” That’s part of the reason oxygen bars are popping up in metropolitan area, to help breathe some fresh air into skin that has to battle pollution, stress and chemicals everyday.



Sleep Naked for Weight Management
Dr. Natasha Turner, author of The Hormone Diet, tells people to sleep naked to “reset” fat loss hormones. According to the naturopathic doctor, it’s not just “calories in and calories out” that determines weight, but also our hormones which tell the body when to hold onto calories. To encourage better sleep, she suggests sleeping naked to cool the body and encourage fat burning.



Sleep Naked for Better Health
Being too warm is one of the causes of insomnia and poor sleep, and sleeping without clothes makes it easier to regulate body temperature. Sleeping naked leads to better rest, which helps the body repair and regenerate overnight.

It’s also liberating to sleep in the nude, which can help general feelings of wellness and goodwill.

For women, experts including Dr. Jennifer Landa agree that air circulation is good for the private parts since it helps to keep moisture and infection at bay. For men, sleeping naked helps fertility by lowering the temperature down there.



Sleep Naked For Better Sex
Unless you’re a nudist, it’s a pretty clear signal that you’re ready for intimacy when you slide between the sheets with nothing on. But it’s not just your birthday suit that will give a boost to your sex drive, it’s also the closeness couples can feel from sleeping naked. Skin-to-skin contact boosts oxytocin, the “love hormone” or “happy hormone”, so you’re doing some good for your relationship even while you’re sleeping.

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